Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Euro Street Style

Parisienne Chic: LOVE the pop of red + Céline shopping bag + leopard heels. Simply fab!

Crisp white button up shirt + khaki shorts + messenger bag + dark shades + over sized watch is the ideal look for a man that's on the go & still wants to look stylish! Italiano style=molto bello

Madrid, España-Love the outfit & especially the huge knit scarf, it's always a must have in cold weather! Love love love.

Milano-Pastel colors + over sized top + simple accessories is the perfect look for Spring/Summer. An over sized watch always adds flair to any outfit. It's my fave accessory & I can't leave the house w/out it!

Paris-chic + fashionable. The fedora adds a casual, yet polished look to the ensemble, love it.

Roma-Navy blue pinstripe suit, always a classy look for a man that knows how to dress well.

Italia-great colors for a casual/simple outfit. Awesome shades + handkerchief completes the look.

Cute boys in Italia. Lovin' the shades + blazers.

Stripes + solid colors + Ray Ban aviators are always in style

Mysteriously handsome-dark colors + wintery look! 
All images Via Sartorialist

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Banksy's biggest fan? Yep, that would be me.

"There is always hope" My fave!

If you haven't already heard about the phenomenal work of the Brit graffiti artist Banksy, whose identity has yet to be discovered, you need to Google him asap! He's amazing in creating work that addresses social issues/capitalism/poverty/war/governments,etc. He pretty much does what he wants, where he wants and doesn't give a sh*t. He expresses his perspective on major topics and his canvas isn't your typical Canson sketch pad. His work depicts what other people are afraid to say out loud. I don't follow politics or care very much for that matter, but his work is clever and always has a hidden message behind it. He's an inspiring and creative urban artist and people either love him or hate him because of his outspoken artwork. He has a rep for "vandalizing" in many European cities and you never know where his work will pop up next! 

MK + Ashley Olsen Obsessed

Fave pieces: green cocktail ring, over sized gold watch + blacked out shades!

Heart her Loubs + outfi. Stunning as always!

My absolute fave look. Lovin' the scarf + dark hair + red lips! Amazing style as always.
Via: Olsens Anonymous Blog

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Über inspiring ads!

So I've come to realize that if I'm flipping through one of my fave magazines, such as Vogue, and I don't stop and stare at at least ONE ad, it's probably not creative enough in my eyes or I'm just not easily amused. Anywho, when I come across a Lanvin ad or even a Benedict Campbell ad (google him asap if you aren't familiar w/his work), I get sucked into a different world that's beyond the norm. It motivates me and makes me want to take  amazing photos instead of just appreciating other people's work all the time. If it's inspiring and creative I'll heart it and save it to my archive of cool ads. Check these out, hopefully it sparks some artsy ideas. . .which one is your fave?