Thursday, June 2, 2011

How To Find The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses For Your Face Shape!

Heart Shaped Face: Choose a bigger style that draws attention downward and avoid anything that sits high and wide. These Ray Ban's worn by Kristin Cavallari are a perfect pair for someone with a heart shaped face.

Square Shaped Face: For someone like Demi Moore, who has a square shaped face, you want to wear oval or round frames to soften your strong features for a feminine look!

Round Shaped Face: You want to make your face appear longer and thinner, so you should aim towards angular frames and horizontal styles. 

Oval Shaped Face: Most frames look fab on an oval shaped face, especially angular frames. So it's definitely much easier to shop for. 

I have a round shaped face and these are one of my fave sunnies that I wear quite often.

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